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Motorola PhoneTools v5.00

This application enables you to share the information contained in your mobile phone with your computer.

Once your mobile phone is connected to your computer, different operations can easily be processed. These operations are organized in different sections that can be accessed via the left panel: Personal Data, Communicate, Transfer Files, Customize and Moto Online.

Personal Data
Contacts: Manually manage or edit your contacts on your phone and PC.
Calendar: Manually manage or edit your appointments on your phone and PC.
Synchronization: Synchronize your PC contacts and calendar with your phone. The application works with Outlook, Outlook Express or Lotus Notes.
Backup/Restore: Backup or restore your phone's Contact and Calendar data at any time.
Phonebook Transfer: Transfer mobile phonebook to another phone.

SMS: Compose, receive and manage your text messages.
MMS: Compose multimedia messages with pictures, sounds and titles and send them to your friends.
Internet: Connect to the Internet using your phone as a modem and manage your internet connections.

Transfer Files
Pictures: Transfer your pictures between your phone and your PC.
Audio Files: Transfer your music between your phone and your PC.
Video Files: Transfer your videos between your phone and your PC.
All Files: Transfer all types of files between your phone and your PC.

You can edit melodies or pictures, create and/or edit movies and transfer them to your mobile phone:

Image Editor: Edit pictures and use them as wallpapers and screensavers on your mobile phone.
Melody Editor: Edit your favorite music files or audio CD tracks and use them as ringtones on your mobile phone.
Video Editor: Compose videos with sound and titles and transfer them to your mobile device

Moto Online
More online information about Motorola, accessories and Motorola Phone Tools support.

File size: 49Mb


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