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miniWindows7 v1.1

miniVista v1.0 CD

Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x86 SP2 Integrated October 2009 OEM DVD

Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x86 SP2 Integrated October 2009 OEM DVD | 2.85 GB

Windows XP SP3 GrasCD 9.10.9

Windows XP SP3 GrasCD 9.10.9 | 683 Mb

The new version builds GrasCD, based on the OS Windows XP SP3. In the distribution nothing curtailed. The installation process is fully automated (key, basic settings are in the process of installation). OS activated, is being tested at the Microsoft site.

Integration by:
IE7 Final - Internet Explorer 7
WMP 11 RUS FInal-standard media player

UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus, included files from the following updates and hotfixes:

KB887606 MSXML 2.6 package for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
KB898461 Permanent copy of the Package Installer for Windows.
KB909520 Package Base Cryptographic Service Provider for smart cards.
KB922120 v6 Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers running Windows XP.
Root Certificates Update KB931125.
KB932716 v2 Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0).
KB923561 Update for Windows WordPad Converter.
KB938464 v2 Vulnerability in GDI + Windows could allow remote code execution.
KB942288 v3 Windows Installer 4.5.
KB943729 client extension for Group Policy preferences in Windows XP.
v3 error when adding a domain controller read-only with Windows
Server 2008 network, which uses Windows XP or Windows
Server 2003.
KB946648 Update for Windows Messenger 4.7 for Windows XP: August 12, 2008.
KB950762 Vulnerability in Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) could allow elevation of privilege.
KB950974 Vulnerability in events that could allow remote code execution.
KB951066 Security Update for Outlook Express.
KB951376 v2 Vulnerability in Bluetooth stack could allow remote code execution.
KB951618 v2 incompatibility between Windows XP c Onekey Recovery 5.0.
KB951830 client can not resolve DNS after reconnecting the network adapter in a system running Windows XP SP3.
KB951978 Error in scripts VBScript / JScript leads to the mapping of some elements are not as expected.
KB952004 Security Update for MSDTC Transaction Facility.
KB952011 Update IMAPI disc Blu-ray.
KB952287 failed to use the components of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).
KB952954 Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Image Color Management could allow remote code execution.
KB953155 Vulnerability in Windows Internet Printing service could allow remote code execution.
KB954459 Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services 6.0 can lead to empowerment.
KB954600 Security Update for Windows Media Player 6.4.
KB954708 support XMP metadata with complex data types in a component of image processing Windows.
KB954920 v2 Error in query result set from the new table sorting SQL Server 2008.
KB955069 Vulnerability in Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0 can lead to empowerment.
To secure repository uses the encryption function of low
quality, if the system language was chosen French.
KB955704 file system support exFAT.
KB956572 Security Update for Windows Service.
KB956744 Security Update for Remote Desktop Client version 6.0 and 6.1: August 11, 2009.
KB956802 Vulnerability in GDI could allow remote code execution.
KB956844 Vulnerability in the DHTML editing component ActiveX vulnerability could allow remote code execution.
KB957097 Vulnerability in Server Message Block could allow remote code execution.
KB957579 Update DNS (client side) the delegation of authority.
KB958644 Vulnerability in Server service could allow remote code execution.
KB958655 v2 Error Windows Installer 4.5 - "API call rejected - No actions in Context" when installing multiple msi packages.
KB958687 Vulnerability in Server Message Block could allow remote code execution.
Update KB958911 GDI + for Windows.
KB959426 Vulnerability in SearchPath can lead to empowerment.
KB960680 v2 Changing national currencies Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, the euro and update the symbol of the Turkish currency.
KB960803 Vulnerability in Windows HTTP services could allow remote code execution.
KB960859 Vulnerability in Telnet could allow remote code execution.
Built-in PCL printer drivers may not contain a digital signature
after installing Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1.
KB961371 v2 Vulnerability in Embedded OpenType Font Engine could allow remote code execution.
KB961501 Vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler could allow remote code execution.
KB961503 problem of double-byte character set (DBCS) when you use Windows Live Messenger version 14.
KB967715 Cancel forced off the automatic start in the registry Windows.
Update KB968389 enhanced protection for authentication.
KB968537 Vulnerability in Windows Kernel could allow elevation of privilege.
KB969395 Patch for Windows Movie Maker.
KB970238 Vulnerability in RPC could allow elevation of privilege.
KB970483 Vulnerability in Internet Information Services (IIS) could allow elevation of privilege.
KB970653 cumulative time zone update for Microsoft Windows for August 2009
KB971029 update to AutoPlay functionality in Windows.
Built-in PCL printer drivers may not contain a digital signature
after installing Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or XPS Essentials
KB971557 Vulnerability in Windows Media file handling could allow remote code execution.
KB971633 Vulnerability in Microsoft DirectShow that could allow remote code execution.
KB971657 Vulnerability in Workstation Service could allow elevation of privilege.
KB971961 Vulnerability in Microsoft JScript could allow remote code execution.
KB972260 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer for Windows XP.
KB973346 Update Rollup for flags blocking the ActiveX control in the OS Windows XP.
KB973354 Security Update for Outlook Express: August 11, 2009.
KB973507 Security Update for Active Template Library: August 11, 2009.
KB973815 Security Update for Microsoft MSWebDVD ActiveX Control: August 11, 2009.
KB973869 Security Update for DHTML editing component ActiveX control: August 11, 2009.

In addition, added the following updates:
Microsoft Calculator Plus
Adobe Flash ActiveX Control
Microsoft Update 7.2.6001.788
Windows Update Agent 7.2.6001.788
Auto Update Client
Windows Genuine Advantage Validation 1.9.0040.0
Tweek registry instead of MRT (KB890830)

ON to change the appearance of the system:
ResPatch Black-Dark Aero - Changing the Windows XP interface design in Windows vista
Mega Love Face v2.5 - All Windows XP for decoration in one bottle

Mega Love Face v2.5:
1 - Address Bar v0.9.6 by Drinko - displaying the address bar, thanks to which you can easily access all your folders.
For normal work Address Bar v0.9.6 is required. NET Framework version 2.0 and above.
2 - Vista Drive Icon 6in1 v3.6.2 - shows the degree of filling disks in real time. The default white icons disk drives and disabled indication floppy drive (a narrow strip of the indicator).
3 - LClock - clock with calendar in the style of Longhorn.
4 - Cursors - 25 circuits (standard deleted).
5 - Screensavers - Screensavers from Jekson07 - 27 pcs. (standard deleted).
6 - Sounds Vista v2.6 - Sound scheme - 41 pcs. (standard deleted).
7 - Visual Task Tips v3.4 - displays a thumbnail window instead of boring text prompts on the taskbar.
8 - wallpapers - 23 pcs. (standard deleted).
9 - Character set - 42 pcs. (standard is not removed).
Z - Themes - 6 pcs. All topics are tied to the sound scheme, screensavers and cursors.

Added / Updated:
Registry Tweaks to robotysistemy
And other things

Introducing Windows
Nothing much to not removed

Tested at the Microsoft site!

CRC32: 13A68389
MD5: A93015E8FE5855DAD621A9388C5CF822
SHA-1: ADA036DAC4885D1BA68F334C8AAB078F02CCE974

Year: 2009
Developer: Microsoft
Platform: X86
Building: Paravozik
Language: Russian
Tablet: Not required
Size: 683 Mb

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MultiBoot DVD v4.0 afin 2009-10-03

MultiBoot DVD v4.0 afin 2009-10-03 | 1.27 GB

Multiboot DVD-ROM to work, backing up and repairing the hard drive partitions, treatment of viruses, the dumping of "forgotten" passwords, etc.

This CD is a continuation and development of the following titles and programs for service users:
1) Alkid Live CD & USB from 01 ??????? 2009
2) Acronis BootCD Reanimator 6.2009
4) Active @ Boot Disk v4.1.4 + Hiren's BootCD 9.9 + Acronis BootCD Reanimator 4.2009 + DrWeb Live CD
5) LSoft Technologies Active @ Software & ISO
6) MultiBoot DVD v3.0 afin 2009-08-09

MultiBoot DVD v4.0 CONTAINS:

1. Alkid Live CD from 01 October 2009 - without any changes
Boot disk (CD / DVD / USB) to work and restore the system.
Contains a set of fresh anti-virus, utilities for disk and images, backup and lifting systems, restore lost information and passwords, creating new administrator accounts, return to the point of rollback, your system info and t.d.Rabotaet with SATA drives and RAID arrays , mounts a volume Linux, provides a rich set of networking and SATA / SCSI / RAID drivers.

2. Hiren's Boot CD 10.0 - en banc (Keyboard otpatchena for the Russian language)
Amazing competently and professionally assembled, the most popular boot "All-in-one" disc, literally everyone, including ??????????? and administrators for the repair work on the computer. With a small footprint contains a large quantity of the best world-class programs that do almost everything for "pulling out" of the data and return your computer to life, identifying and testing different devices PC and meets the highest requirements. Also includes anti-virus software with the ability to update databases, anti-spyware, programs to work with the disk: formatting, partition, repair, testing, etc., the cloning system, a block of data recovery after the collapse of Windows, the tools to identify hardware, work with the BIOS, and much more .

3. Acronis BootCD Reanimator 6.2009 - in full, except for Windows Key Enterprise 8.3.2867 RU - removed due to nesovmetimosti Alkid Live CD, but also because of the disk is Active @ Boot Disk Suite, which allows you to work with parolyami.Zagruzochny drive backup and repairing the hard drive partitions

Acronis ® Backup & Recovery ™ Worstation 10.0.11105 EN with Universal Restore - a new generation of products Acronis. Designed for the protection of intellectual property, which is in desktops and laptops. It creates an exact disk image of your computer and creates backup copies of the operating system, applications, files and folders. The simplified system is restored. User mozhett perform self-service without administrator intervention. Even the whole system of Windows can be restored in minutes.

Acronis ® True Image Home 2009 12.0.9769 EN (full + safe) - allows you to backup and restore data to a gesture of disk, including operating system, applications and all user documents: pictures, videos, emails, etc. The effectiveness of the program Acronis True Image Home 2009 is confirmed by many prestigious awards, which is not surprising - the product not only protects your files, but also allows them to recover after a virus attack, hardware and other failures is literally one click. Create a complete copy of the hard disk for a few minutes, or just to save critical data and recover them even faster.

Acronis ® Disk Director Server 10.0.2169 RU (full + safe) - provides powerful tools for managing hard disks and partitions, ensure reliability and performance of your servers. This program is based on received numerous awards technology company Acronis ®, enables you to manage partitions and format the hard drive.

Memtest86 2.11 - testing the computer's memory for errors Screenshots: Victoria 3.52s RU - program is intended for testing, diagnostics and servicing IDE and Serial ATA drives. Works with the drive at a low level (through the ports of the controller) and thanks to built-in operating system is fully autonomous.

MHDD 4.6 - a software package for quick and accurate diagnosis and minor repair HDD. MHDD will help get rid of the so-called «software bad sectors» to the maximum available rate. Screenshots: Added: HDD Regenerator v1.71; HDD Regenerator v1.61; HDD Regenerator v1.51.
HDD Regenerator - the unique program to restore the hard drive. The program eliminates physical damages (Bad blocks) from the surface of the hard disk. She does not hide bad sectors, but really restores them! Almost 60% of damaged hard drives have incorrectly magnetized surface. Program developers have found a special algorithm for sequences of signals of low and high level. These signals are generated by the program and change the damaged area. Even low-level format can not cope with this task! HDD Regenerator regenerates bad sectors reversal. Almost 60% of hard drive beyond repair program. As a result, corrupted and unreadable information is restored without any impact on existing data. Screenshots:

4. LSoft Technologies Active @ boot disks and floppy disks:
A set of boot disks and diskettes to solve problems with a computer's operating system. Composition disks and floppy disks:
Active @ Boot Disk Suite 4.1.4 Windows Edition - bootable CD / DVD drive to solve problems with your computer's operating system.
Active @ Boot Disk Windows Edition includes Microsoft Windowsc PE 2.1 VISTA and the following Active @ utilities:
- Active @ Disk Image 3 - Imaged-based data backup and restoration tool
- Active @ File Recovery - Deleted data recovery software
- Active @ Partition Recovery - Lost partition recovery software
- Active @ Hex Editor - Tool for editing disk in a binary format
- Active @ Password Changer - Windows password resetting tool
- Active @ KillDisk - Secure data erasure and disk wiping software
- Active @ Data CD / DVD Burner - CD / DVD burning software
- PC Disk Partition Manager - Add, edit, delete, format and manage the partitions in your computer
- Network operations utilities:
* Map Network Drive
* Remote Desktop Connection
* Web browser
* FTP Client
* Telnet Client
* Network Configuration Utility
- Other Utilities:
* File Explorer
* Task Manager
* On-Fly Drivers Loader
* Display Configuration Utility
* Notepad
* Command Prompt shellSkrinshoty: 5. DrWeb Live CD on 03/10/2009

Dr.WebR LiveCD - it is an antivirus solution to restore the system shown in inoperable by the actions of viruses or any malicious software.

Disc is not placed and executed from the operating system! Exception is Startup Tools from the Hiren's Boot CD.

Hiren - for his tremendous drive and regularly updated
Alkidz - for its regularly updated CD
The developer drive Acronis Boot CD Reanimator

MD5: E608F9E7DC7E0F040D2963F310BA240E
SHA-1: B35B12BF599C55B47CDAF58F49C9206980FC9182

Year: 2009-10-03
Version: 4.0
Developer: afin
Platform: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Linux
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
Language: Russian + English
Tabletka: Not required
Size: 1.27 GB

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MultiBoot DVD v4.0 afin 2009-10-03

MultiBoot DVD v4.0 afin 2009-10-03 | 1.27 GB

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated October 2009 Corporate

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated October 2009 Corporate | 595.62 MB

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