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Kingdom Of Gorath 1.2 iPhone iPod Touch

Kingdom Of Gorath 1.2 iPhone iPod Touch | 21,9 MB

Kingdom of Gorath is a classic action Role Playing game set within the world of Fablen. Fight army's of the undead, fire goblins and Orcs as you journey down into the catacombs in search of the source of the disturances. Find amazing weapons with thousand and thousands of different combinations of attributes and abilities. You will find weapons and armor that have personalities of their own and will aid you in unique ways. Gain advanced combat skills as you gain experience. Discover powerful scrolls to enchant your weapons and armors. Slow your enemies with freeze enchantments, burn them alive with fire enchantments, or simply send a powerful pulse of electricity causing immense damage. The choice is yours.

+ Over 10 minutes of Professionally Done Voice Dialog
+ Rousing environmental sounds bring combat to life.
+ Excellent professionally rendered graphics bring characters and monsters to life.
+ Hundreds of unique enchanted weapons and armor.
+ Powerful combat skills to stun your foes or attack hoards of enemies.
+ Find enchanted armor as you explore the dungeons or simply make your own with powerful enchantment scrolls found throughout the dungeons.
+ Add Fire, Cold, and Lightning damage to your attacks.
+ Master the Sword, Mace or Martial Arts.
+ Find unique Sentient weapons with a mind of their own.
+ Find treasure hidden deep within the ground.
+ Earn dozens of achievements and titles and optionally publish them to facebook to show off to your friends.
+ Unique Combat/Movement modes removes the complexity of movement and fighting when fighting hoards of monsters.
+ Monsters that taunt you and glory in their combat prowess.

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