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Wild Wild Train 1.2 iPhone iPod Touch

Wild Wild Train 1.2 iPhone iPod Touch | 74,4 MB

Thanks to the encouragement of overly generous grandparents, I had a ridiculous model train set as a kid. Since then, I've always had a place in my heart for train games of all types. Promo Ideas' recently released Wild Wild Train [App Store] is an action-puzzle game that likely will have massive appeal for rails fans, but also is a good enough game to be worth looking in to even if you're not crazy about trains.
The goal of Wild Wild Train is to manage your trains and route them through the various switches on the tracks to pick up all kinds of different color-coded cargo which then needs to be delivered to the station with the corresponding color. Sounds simple enough, and the first few levels are pretty easy, but Wild Wild Train quickly adds multiple trains as well as bombs to be disarmed and damsels in distress to be saved by the special hero train. Run over the damsel in distress with any other train and it's game over, or, more appropriately in a game like this, it's CURTAINS for you!

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