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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 7 (PSP)

No matter what words I place here, truly devoted Final Fantasy VII fans will undoubtedly play Crisis Core, the prequel to the original RPG classic. The old PSone title not only heralded the franchise's transition from 2D sprites to 3D, but it has since garnered one of the most passionate followings of any RPG to date. So now that Crisis Core is due to arrive in stores next week, loyal fans may be pondering whether their inevitable purchase will be ultimately fruitful.

I'm pleased to say that Crisis Core is a great game and, barring a few minor issues here and there, will not disappoint.

So if you were planning on picking up a copy regardless of what I say, rest assured that you'll have a colossal amount of fun. But we have quite a bit of material to cover, so let's start with the basics. While the original Final Fantasy VII followed Cloud and company as they attempted to stop Sephiroth from undoing the very fabric of the world, Crisis Core puts a much different spin on the canon. For one, you'll only be playing as Zack Fair, Cloud's friend who only had fleeting appearances in the original game

Download Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 7:
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