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Microsoft Math 3.0.1184.1020

Microsoft Math 3.0.1184.1020

Microsoft Math software was designed to help student to learn to solve equations step-by-step Microsoft Math software was designed to help student to learn to solve equations step-by-step, while gaining a better understanding of fundamental concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry and calculus.

Microsoft Math provides a set of mathematical tools that helps students get school work done quickly and easily. With a full-featured graphing calculator that’s designed to work just like a handheld calculator, Microsoft Math offers a wide range of additional tools to help students with complex mathematics.

Here are some key features of “Microsoft Math”:

· The Graphing Calculator, with extensive graphing and equation-solving capabilities.
· Step-by-Step Math Solutions that guide students through problems in subjects from pre-algebra to calculus.

· The Formulas and Equations Library, with more than 100 common math equations and formulas to help students identify and easily apply the right equation.
· The Triangle Solver, a graphing tool that students can use to explore triangles, and understand the relationship between different components to solve sides, angles, values and formulas.
· The Unit Conversion Tool lets students quickly and easily convert units of measure including length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, power, velocity and time.
· New! Ink Handwriting Support works with Tablet and Ultra-Mobile PCs, so students can write out problems by hand and have them recognized by Microsoft Math.

· A personal computer with a Pentium 600MHz or faster processor (1GHz or faster processor recommended)
· 256 MB of RAM (512 MB or more recommended)
· 450 MB of available hard disk space
· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (requires between 200 MB and 450 MB of hard disk space)
· VGA-capable or better video card with a minimum 640×480 resolution (1024×768 recommended)

Download Microsoft Math:

Keygen: Microsoft Math 3.0.1184.1020

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