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Attack From The Dead 1.4.1 (iPhone) (iPod Touch)

Attack From The Dead v1.4.1 iPhone iPod Touch | 9.77 Mb

The story started when the US Military received a SOS from Dr. Anderson, a Military Biochemistry Lab research scientist living in the remote city called “City of Dark Eagle”. The US Military sent 3 special agents to this dangerous remote city with the mission to locate and rescue the scientist. After a thorough search of the entire city, the 3 agents were unable to locate any inhabitants including Dr. Anderson.

That day when dusk arrived, the calmness of the city was soon disturbed with the frightening sounds of death. Troops of zombies from nowhere suddenly appeared and attacked the 3 agents. 2 of the 3 agents were killed leaving the 3rd agent “Jessica” to complete the task on her own. Agent Jessica had lost connection with the Headquarter and was hiding in a gas station’s convenience store from the zombies. Your mission is to help Jessica to combat the zombies, rescue Dr. Anderson and regain contact with the Headquarter before dawn.


* challenging and addictive gameplay
* rescue scientist and kill zombies in 30 Days
* different varieties of weapons and zombies
* different difficulty setting that suit different skill levels
* brilliant graphics and sound effects
* instant save support. The game progress is saved when you pressed home button or interrupted by phone calls.
* Co-op Wifi mode, 2 players can play together within the same Wifi network
* Co-op Bluetooth mode, 2 players can play together via P2P connection via Bluetooth (This feature is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch (2nd generation) only)
* World ranking for survival mode

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