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Crazy Frog Racer 2 (PC)

* Race through the cityscape of Axel.F or head to the beaches of Popcorn. Crazy Frog Racer 2 is jam-packed full of new features that any Crazy Frog fan will find irresistible.

* CONTAINS BONUS CONTENT - with the Crazy Frog music Videos - Axel. F and Popcorn as well as tracks from the Crazy Frog singles and albums.
* BRAND NEW CHARACTERS - such as the Evil General, Hawaiian Crazy Frog, Torpedo Drone and the exclusive Crazy Frog Drone.
* UNLEASH NEW EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS TO WIELD ? like the toxic cloud, death spin mines, flash photography and the deadly EMP mines.
* MULITPLAYER BATTLE ARENAS - for frantic split-screen action.
* UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE MINI-GAMES - featuring the Crazy Frog such as ball busting Pinball and freaky Dance Crazy Frog.

Hardware Requirements:

* Pentium 2 400Mhz or equivalent, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 256mb RAM, 300mb Free Hard Disk Space, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive, Nvidia TnT/GeForce or equivalent.

Download Crazy Frog Racer:

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