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Tales of Eternia (PSP)

A once peaceful land lies on the brink of destruction. There are few warriors left who have the courage to take on the deadly menace that threatens the well-being of mankind. Will you step up and fight for those who can’t defend themselves? An epic tale of friendship, betrayal, and civil war, Tales of Eternia is the second installment in an ongoing anime-style series.

When a mysterious traveler delivers an ominous message to you, it seems clear that you have been chosen to step forward. This role-playing experience unfolds in real time making for an addicting, involving experience that gamers of all interests can really get into. There’s a huge cast of characters telling the story here, which delves into subplots and alternate worlds. Countless mini-games make the adventure all the more intriguing, and the game boasts more than 60 hours of original gameplay. The world needs a hero will it be you?

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