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Overlord 2 (PC)

Overlord II follows the events of the first Overlord, where players will take control of the previous Overlord's son, who as an infant has been smuggled away to the lands of Nordberg by the "Glorious Empire".

Overlord II has a host of other races set to appear thus far include thieving Gnomes and environmental activist motivated Elves, this allowing other elements besides fantasy such as politics, environmental issues and similar real-world problems to be parodied within the game.

The gameplay of the first game (which consisted of controlling the Overlord who in turn sent his minions to do most of the work) has been retained for this sequel, but it has been greatly expanded.

Install Note:
1. Unrar/mount with last dtlite + yasu (dtpro won't work)
2. Install the game.
3. Run it, play it.

Download Overlord 2:

Passoword for Overlord 2:

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